Jr. High 4-H students visit Happy TAILS

JH to HappyTails 2017 (6)

Natchitoches Jr. High – Frankie Ray Jackson  4H Students spent 3 hours at the Humane Society’s Happy TAILS rescue. They had a crash course on shelter best practices, dog handling, spay, neuter, psychological effects of owning a pet, pet health and safety, held a dog show, a puppy parade and completed a project for the NPSO Kid’s Health Fest.

That wasn’t enough so they presented Mrs. Juanita with three large boxes of fun toys, treats and food for the Happy TAILS dogs and to present to adopters.

They also had a blast loving and being loved by adoptable dogs at the facility including Timber, Berry, Nola, Panda, Olivia, Letti, Mindy, Annie, Missy, Sissy, Cutie, Shelby, Lefty, Poncho, Sarge, Moose and Ranger.