National Crime Victims Rights Week

National Crime Victims 2017
National Crime Victims Rights Week, April 2-8, was observed at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse April 4. A short program showed the community’s support for Victims of Crime in Natchitoches Parish.

To raise awareness to the community of the victims and how the victimization can be stop. Probation and Parole helps victims find reparation and get them to counseling. They get information out to victims so they know who to call and where to go.

The District Attorney’s office in Natchitoches is known for prosecuting, but it also helps victims. There is a Victims’ Assistance Coordinator at each of the 42 DA’s offices in the state. This person is dedicated to visiting with victims, notifying and taking care of them. Alice Hardison is the Victims’ Assistance Coordinator for the Natchitoches Parish DA Office.

“When a crime is committed and law enforcement goes to the scene they provide a victims’ notification form that goes to the DA’s office and other agencies. The DA can then get the victim into the office and explain the criminal process, inform them of upcoming court dates and keep them apprised of what is going on in the case,” DA Billy Joe Harrington said in an interview prior to Tuesday’s event.

The local office is located at 945 Fourth Street and can be reached at 357-3139. The statewide contact is Gail Guerin, 225-342-1069. For more information or to see how to can get involved and help those in need visit: