“Hookers” and “Strippers” come to Natchitoches


They’re members of the Red Stick Rug Hooking Organization and they all have one thing in common. “We are ‘Strippers’ and ‘Hookers,’” said Director Gayle Soileau.

A group of 28 women, and some husbands, will travel to Natchitoches from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for a “Hook-In” Convention at the Church Street Inn Sunday, April 9 – Friday, April 14.

“I love visiting Natchitoches,” said Gayle. While most of the group’s members have never been to Natchitoches, they’ve visited through her stories.

The terms “strippers” and “hookers” refers to the tools of the trade. A cutter strips the wool and the women have a hook to pull the strips through their background fabric. They make beautiful hand-hooked rugs of all types with floral, geometric, whimsical, patriotic, holiday and animal designs. Some “hookers” design their own rug patterns while others purchase patterns from designers.

There will be an Open House Wednesday, April 12 from 2-6 pm at The Church Street Inn for the public to view Red Stick Rug Hooking’s rugs and watch as its members work on them.

“We hope anyone who might have a few minutes will stop by and see exactly what we do,” said Gayle.

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