School Board holds monthly meeting

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The Natchitoches Parish School Board met Thursday, April 6th in a meeting in which the business was largely overshadowed by discussion. All members were present

After the invocation, call to order and Pledge of Allegiance, the roll was called and it was determined a quorum was present.

The Superintendent’s report was on discipline in the schools and an introduction of Mr. Bill Gordy, Principal of NCHS, who presented two young men who placed 1st in the state in AG II and Physics at the state literary rally (come back for an upcoming story on these two young men and NCHS’ superb performance at the state literary rally.)

There was no old business to discuss.

As for new business, the consent agenda was adopted with a unanimous vote. The minutes of March 9th, 2017 were approved. The bills were approved for payment. Out-of-state travel for faculty, administrators and the NCHS cheer sponsor was approved. With the exception of the Director of Human Resources attending a teacher job fair in Nagodoches, TX, there was to be no cost to the Board.

There was some discussion between the Board, the representative from the Durham Company and principals concerning proposed school bus route changes. It was decided to further study the cost issues involved and address the issue at the next meeting.

On the Finance, Services & Insurance Report, there was continuing discussion concerning the first issue, LED lighting and HVAC upgrades at Marthaville. This item was deferred until the next meeting. The Transportation and Tax Commission reports were both received by the Board.

On the Personnel Report, Mrs. Page informed the board of a productive recruitment trip to Louisiana Tech’s job fair. She also announced that one teacher resigned and one teacher was retiring.

As for the Executive Report, there was considerable discussion and friction over the bullying policy in which the superintendent answered Board member’s questions concerning the teacher’s and principal’s disciplinary actions. There was also a discussion about the African American Studies course and its accreditation. The course counts for credit as an elective, but not as a core course for TOPS.

The meeting was adjourned after that item. A special called meeting will be held Monday, April 10th at 5:00. There will also be a reception held for district valedictorians on May 4th.

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  1. keep bypassing failing schools and the reason–biggest money problem is spending money on failing schools–like the old saying–it don’t add up–except for social engineering–

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