The Battle of Pleasant Hill Re-Enactment

By Kevin Shannahan

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This Sunday marked the 153rd anniversary of the Battle of Pleasant Hill. Every year since the late 1970’s, there has been a re-enactment held on the actual battlefield about 3 miles from the modern site of the Village of Pleasant Hill. This year’s re-enactment featured approximately 400 reenactors from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma with a local group representing Natchitoches Parish.

Friday featured an open camp held for local educators so school groups could come and learn about life in the Civil War era. Saturday and Sunday each featured battles fought before a large crowd as well as the Battle of Pleasant Hill Queen, court and a contingent of festival and pageant queens from across Louisiana. In addition to the battles, the event featured a period dance and church service.

6 thoughts on “The Battle of Pleasant Hill Re-Enactment

  1. Was there friday and saturday at the Capt. James Bryant booth ..All people were well behaved and polite.. Great feeling to be among like minded southerners dedicated to our ancestors who gave so much whatever the reason they fought for!

  2. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the property owner for allowing the use of their land every year! We do all as reenactors really appreciate them so much! If you see them please give them your gratitude!

  3. You are absolutely right Keith. The people who attend this wonderful event, and the Town of Pleasant Hill, are amazingly polite and courteous. We had our Col. Samuel D. Russell Camp No. 1617 tent set up and those who came by and supported us were wonderful. I was there Friday for School Day and the young children who came by, both black and white, asked intelligent questions about the War of Northern Aggression, and were intrigued by what they learned. Nothing is spoken of this in schools today. They bought Flags and License Plates for their Parents with their meager spending money, and if they wanted an item that cost $5.00 and only had $3.00, we would give it to them for $2.00 so they would have money left over for a cold drink. They were very appreciative. NOT ONE SINGLE BAD INCIDENT.

  4. If anybody loves to spend family time together in a friendly and safe environment, this is a great place to do it . Each spring in April reinactors bring back a time in history that forever changed our South. I have attended this 2 day event for years and have never seen a single problem. When you are there you hear a lot of Thank You Sir, Thank You Mam, Yes Mam, and Yes Sir. because these are the type people that gather together that enjoy themselves .

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