A well-planned proposal


While the audience was surprised by a flash mob at the Dancing with the Sigmas event in AA Fredericks Auditorium Tuesday night, April 11, it was all planned for one person.

Craig Caskey, one of the dance contestants for the Sigma’s fundraising event, realized this event would be the coolest way to propose to his girlfriend Cady White. They went on their first date almost a year ago to a hospital gala and Craig said he knew that night that Cady was the girl for him.

The timing of the Tri Sigma’s dance event was perfect. It just so happened that Craig was looking at buying an engagement ring at the time.

It all fell into place as Craig began practicing his dance and orchestrating his proposal. He and Cady’s family members were already coming into town to watch him dance, but Craig spread the word so he could pack the auditorium with as many of their friends and family as possible.

As Craig and his partner finished their first dance and the song started for their second number, the music skipped. At the same time a flash mob of Tri Sigma and Phi Mu sorority members lined the outer walls of the auditorium. As Cady was brought to the stage, Craig knelt in front of her and popped the question!

“I wanted this to be the most awesome gift I could give her,” said Craig. “I wanted her to have a proposal experience she could recount for years to come. She hates surprises. I love surprises. It was a lot of fun.”

She said “YES!”


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  1. The day that he danced into her heart, a wonderful story to tell their children and grandchildren.

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