It’s a Small World: High School classmates meet on cruise trip

By Wanda St. Andre

Classmates Met on Ship

Well, I promised my 1964 Bolton classmates a story, and I’m about to deliver on that promise. We have all heard the saying that “it’s a small world.” Never has that particular phrase struck so close to home for me as it did almost two weeks ago.

My husband and I were sitting at a table in a dining facility onboard the cruise ship “Island Princess.” Also with us were close friends who travel with us on cruises. Two other couples were at the table, too, where we were waiting to be called to the tender that would take us to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. One couple soon left when their numbers were called.

We continued our conversation with the remaining couple, and just a few moments later, another couple joined us at the table. The talk went on, and the newest man asked me if I was from Texas. I told him no, that I was from Louisiana. It then came out that he had lived in Alexandria, which was my hometown growing up. He said that he went to school there, so I naturally asked him which school. He replied that he had gone to Bolton. My jaw hit the floor when we both soon realized that we had graduated in the same year together!!

Further conversation was stopped when my group was called for the tender, but a few days later, he and his wife met my husband and me for about an hour. We were able to see each other again soon, and also were in the same line getting off the ship at the end of the cruise.

What were the odds that he and I would be in the same place at the same time after all these years? He seemed to remember my last name, but I had difficulty placing him. We took a picture that day, and later, took another one which I am posting. And, for you curious BHS 1964 grads……his name is Alan Kaiser. He was at our 2014 reunion, but I never met or talked to him then. Maybe some of you will remember him!

I enjoyed talking to him and getting a taste of his sense of humor. At our last meeting, I thought I never would stop laughing! Anyway, that’s my story and I hope my FB friends and fellow classmates enjoy reading it!!