NSU Presidential Leadership students thank deputies with cards and coffee

NPSO-Leadership Students

On Thursday afternoon, Northwestern State University Presidential Leadership students presented Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies with thank you cards and a free coffee from those who accepted the “Blue and Brew Challenge” for law enforcement.
The Blue and Brew Challenge is a challenge for those that accepted to pray and think about law enforcement officers daily.

Each individual deputy with their assigned call number was given an individual card signed by a person who accepted the challenge thanking them for their service, thinking and praying for them each day.

Luke Conway, Hannah Gaspard, Courtney Sarpy, Klein Pearce and Mikenzie Maley all took part in this humbling act of kindness.

From all of us at the NPSO, we thank each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers and support of law enforcement.
“Great job NSU”