St. Mary’s Class Officers and Student Council

Student Council Officers

St. Mary’s held elections for Student Coucil Officers and Class Officers for the 2017-2018 school year. The following are the election results:

Student Council:
Erica Hubbs – Secretary
Dylan Bennett – Parliamentarian
Sarah Gilmore – President
Jeremy Friedel – Vice President
Treasurer – George Ingrish

Senior Class Officers:
Bailey Shelton – Treasurer
Lauren Vienne – Girl Rep
Makenzie Methvin – President
Madison Menou – Vice President
Katelynn Yopp – Secretary
Aaron Howell – Boy Rep

Junior Class Officers:
Hailey Seaman – President
Kale Eversull – Boy Rep
Walker Jackson – Secretary
Claire Guillet – Treasurer
Sara Loach – Girl Rep
Caroline Stokes – Vice President

Sophomore Class Officers:
Mary Scruggs – Secretary
Isabella Peluso – Vice President
Brady Poche – Boy Rep
Carissa Kautz – Girl Rep
Emily Maggio – President
Madison Lester – Treasurer

Freshman Class Officers:
Matthew Gewin – Secretary
Thomas Watkins – Boy Rep
Michael Guillet – Treasurer
Madeline Godfrey – President
Graysen Bates – Vice President
Jensen Parker – Girl Rep

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