Hooking convention vows to return to Natchitoches next year


They hook for fun; rugs that is. They strip, wool for their rugs.

Members of the Red Stick Rig Hooking organization have a sense of humor when it comes to their titles. Hookers from Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas gathered at a Hooking Convention in Natchitoches April 9-14.

These hookers and strippers create beautiful masterpieces in the rugs they hook. Thins ribbons of wool are stripped and then hooked through a template. The end result is fun rugs to be hung on a wall or thrown on a floor. Some can even be used to create one-of-a-kind footstools.

“This is a community,” said Kim Meyer. “We share tips, tragedy, success and life experiences. It’s more than hooking; it’s a support group. These conventions throughout the year give us an opportunity to hook up with people from across the country.”

A painter first, Kim attended a hooking class looking for something different. She immediately fell in love with it. She learned everything she knows from her teacher Susan Myers, who owns a store in Wichita Falls, Texas called Sheppard’s Wool.

“All of us started out as something else,” said Colleen Calver, from Dallas. “We all evolved into hooking.” Colleen was working on a footstool for her daughter.

This fiber art originally started on ships in the northeast. Fishermen would make rugs out of burlap for the ship’s floors, which were freezing in the cold northern climates. They would bend nails to use for hooks.

Director Gayle Solieau, from Baton Rouge, said the group plans on returning to Natchitoches next year for their convention. The City is one of their favorite destinations and they can’t wait to get together and hook again.