Bulletproof Event: Interview with Chief Dove

Bulletproof vest fundraiser

Bulletproof vests are a key element of protection for law enforcement officers across the country. At the Natchitoches Police Department, there are 55 officers who are required to wear body armor at all times, according to Chief Mickey Dove.

Did you know that a bulletproof vest has a shelf life of 5 years? After 5 years the materials and fibers in the vests begin to break down and the protection they offer begins to diminish.

The National Institute of Justice states that officers who don’t routinely wear body armor are 3.4 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury from a torso shot than officers who routinely wear body armor.

Dove said the police department is appreciative of the Natchitoches Rotary Club’s upcoming efforts to help defray the cost of new vests for its enforcement officers.

The Rotary Club will hold “Bulletproof the Blue: A Law Enforcement Experience like no Other” Saturday, April 29 from 8 am – 1 pm at Dark Woods Haunted Attraction.

The event features three interactive scenarios, involving police issue Glock handguns with “simunition” (non-lethal rounds) that will put participants in situations designed to replicate an actual police call.

“It’s a great idea for an event,” said Dove. “A lot of people may judge police officers, but this will give them an opportunity to experience realistic, high stress scenarios based off of what we go through on a daily basis.”

Tickets will be $45 per person, which includes a T-shirt and BBQ lunch provided by City Bank and Trust. There are reduced rates for group packages, law enforcement, firefighters and active duty military. NSU students with a valid ID can purchase a ticket for $30. There are also corporate sponsorship packages available at reduced rates. The event is open to anyone 16 and older.

To register online – CLICK HERE

For more information contact David Guillet at City Bank and Trust, 318-352-4416 or Natchitoches Rotary Club on Facebook.

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  1. Why not have this at the Natchitoches shooting range… With complete support of its members..? Great idea for the event…

  2. What a wobderful idea and promotion. My family appreciates the courageous work and sacrifices that our Law Enforcement Personnel do in our Community. I will do my best to encourage friends to participate in this very worthwhile promotion..

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