Letter slings mud at Council Clerk

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The Parish Council made an emergency amendment to Monday night’s agenda (April 17) to discuss accusations that were brought against Council Clerk Sheryl Frederick. Frederick waived her right to notification and opted to have an open meeting instead of going into executive session.

The accusations were made in a letter written by Head Start Director April Wade (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW). While the letter said Sheryl displayed inappropriate conduct during a meeting held at the Head Start facility earlier in the month, several Parish employees vouched for her.

Their testimonials were all the same. A member of the policy council who was attending the meeting became belligerent with the Parish employees, going so far as to state that she demanded their respect, according to Cathy Creamer. The member, who was not identified at the Parish Council meeting, got in Cathy’s face. When Sheryl came to Cathy’s aid, the member backed her into a corner and called her “big,” “ignorant,” and “the devil.”

While Sheryl was offended, she kept her composure and was ushered out of the room by her coworkers. Her coworkers said they never heard Sheryl use explicit language, never saw her raise a hand or any of the other actions the letter accused her of.

“I don’t like this at all,” said Sharon Harris, referring to the copy of the letter each Council member received.

Parish President Rick Nowlin, who was present at the meeting where the altercation occurred, commended Sheryl for her composure and said he was very surprised to get the letter.

When an audience member questioned why the Head Start Director would write such a letter in the first place, it was brought to the Council’s attention that she wasn’t even in the room to witness the altercation.

Sheryl, a member of the policy council herself, said she is unaware of an action ever being taken to approve the member’s position on the council in the first place.

“She was just brought in,” said Sheryl. “I represent the Parish, we were in a Head Start facility with children and I wouldn’t stoop to her level.”

Council member Russell Rachal said he thinks the Council should require the director to submit a letter to them on how she will handle these false accusations.

“I think this is a bunch of lies and she owes us an explanation,” he said.

A representative from the District Attorney’s Office recommended, based on the letter and testimony, that the Council vote to express its opinion that Sheryl engaged in no inappropriate conduct and no actions will be taken. This was passed by a unanimous vote.

April Wade Letter to NPG Council 04-17-17

9 thoughts on “Letter slings mud at Council Clerk

  1. All of this is a bunch of life I was there in the meeting from the beginning to the end and I saw and heard everything. The policy council member did not go to anyone in a hostal manner. She was just talking to Cathy creamer and Sheryl Frederick put in her two cents and got loud with the council member . Sheryl went on to continue to talk loud and said, “she don’t want any of me, cause I will hurt you. ” The policy council member stood on one spot and was talking another policy council member. Sheryl Frederick came towards her yelling and the policy council member said somebody better get her big tail. Sheryl then threw down her things that she had in her hands and went for the policy council member. And Sharon Harris, and three other council members we’re trying to hold her back. Rick Nowlen was yelling Sheryl calm down, Sheryl calm down the whole entire time. Noe if somebody was going yo tell the store they should have gotten it right. Keep the lies because it was more then just parish people there

    • Your story lines up with what this Head Start Director wrote up…It’s gonna be a mess if/when the recording shows up.

    • This is the reason why no staff member of the grantee agency can serve or, direct a Policy Council Meeting. It is strictly governed by a majority of parents and community representatives that is elected each year to serve. If any of them read the Performance Standards of Head Start, they would not be embarrassing this program like this. Yes it is an embarrassment for the parents, the children, the HS staff as well as the community. Not professional at all!!! If you want to know how I know, I worked with the program 37 years. So I encourage you ALL to familiarize yourself with those standards before you destroy the best thing for the families that HS serve.

  2. Something bigger going on with Head Start. For the Head Start Director to write this type of letter should raise major questions about her conduct and if these accusations are false she should be fired and a full audit should take place.

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