The unsung heroes of electricity


Pictured on front row from left are Tommy Tobin, Lonnie Head and Jerry Kerry. On back row are Donny Keeth, Chance Evans, David Dobson, Mike LaCaze and James Matthews. Not pictured is Line Superintendent Lee McKinney.

Tuesday, April 18, is National Lineman Appreciation Day, recognizing the efforts of linemen in keeping the power on and protecting public safety.

The City linemen were hard at work April 18 installing new utility poles on Scarborough Avenue. A limb tore down three poles during a recent storm and workers had temporarily fixed them to restore power to the area.

Similarly, Cleco employs 153 linemen to keep the power flowing to 288,000 customers. In October 2016, Cleco sent a 44-member storm team to aid Georgia Power in its recovery operations following Hurricane Matthew.  Working over 5,280 hours, Cleco line crews helped replace and repair nearly 1,000 power poles and run approximately 120 miles of new wire.

“The linemen working in the City Utility department keep the power on,” said City Utility Director Charles Brossette. “Through rain, snow and hurricanes, they’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year to restore electricity when it’s needed. They’re the best crew around even if the public never hears much about them.”


Pictured from left are City linemen Brandon Berryman, Rodney Achord and Terry Pack.

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  1. Thanks, NPJ, for reminding us what a great job these dedicated City utility employees do for us, frequently in the worst weather conditions when the rest of us are hunkered down riding out a storm.

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