Lakeview Special Olympics 

Special Olympics7

Pictured from left are Wesley Lindamood, Kayla Smith, Lucia Creighton Maley (Special Education Teacher), Brianna Pier and Zachary Small.

Students from Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School attended the Red River Area Special Olympics held at Northwestern State University April 18.  The students participated in a number of events, were given snacks, lunch and various prizes and awards for their efforts.  They enjoyed themselves and plan on attending next year as well.

Lakeview students participated in the following events:

Wesley Lindamood- 1st  place in Tennis Ball Throw, 1st place in 100 Meter walk, 1st place in 25 meter race
Kayla Smith-     2nd  place in 400 meter race, 1st place in softball throw, 1st place in 400 meter walk
Brianna Pier  – 1st place in 400 meter walk, 3rd place in Softball throw
Zachary Small- 3rd place in softball throw,  2nd place in 200 meter race

Picture 1- Wesley Lindamood, 11th grader,  and his mother, Marcie Tyler
Picture 4- Zachary Small, 9th grader, runs in the 200 meter race
Picture 5- Kayla Smith walks in the 400 meter walk with a member of the Special Olympics team
Picture 6- Brianna Pier, 9th grader, receiving one of her ribbons