City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 373 Second St. to stop any further actions:

Niki Booth, P.O Box 1201, Many, La – TBS
Latarus Calvin, 812 Woodyard Dr #2, Natch, La – DWI
Vance Coutee, 1514 Dean St, Natch, La – NSB
Andrea Austin, 1531 Salter St, Natch, La – NCR
Geneva Daniels, 823 MLK Dr, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver
Tai Evans, 815 Woodyard Dr, Natch, La – TBS
Keisha Farley, 2599 Hwy 71, Campti, La – DWI, TBS
Markayla Farley, 1431 Grace Ave, Natch, La – TBS
James Dilworth, 127 Gabriel Loop, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Deneitra Goff, 903 Lennox Place, Natch, La – TBS
Jasmine Green, 157 Parkview, Zwolle, La – TBS
Jerald Hooper, 644 Abbie Dr, Natch, La – DWI
Melvin Hendricks, 846 July St, Natch, La – (2) NSB
Ladarius Jackson, 1615 Meadows, Natch, La – No DL
Lionel Jones, 1815 South Dr #132, Natch, La – TBS
John King, 724 Lafayette St, Natch, La – SPOM
Donald Knox, 112 South Bend Dr, Natch, La – DP
Niaya Monette, 471 Canal Rd, Natch, La– No DL
Kenneth Robinson, 840 ½ Posey Rd, Natch, La – Open Container, SCDP, Unlicensed Driver
Jamie Rivers, 334 Lebrume St, Campti, La – Resisting an Officer

Trial (T):
Steve Ardison, 729 Royal St, Natch, La – TBS, Misrepresentation during Booking
Laphiama Yeargin, 198 Cedar Grove, Natch, La – Reckless Operation
Niaya Monette, 407 Sanford, Natch, La – TBS
Dezerey Johnson, 804 6th St, Natch, La – (2) Criminal Mischief, DP, Unlicensed Driver, Improper Lights
Roderick Demery, 1404 Grace Ave, Natch, La – LM
Brenda Hudson, 1324 Breda Ave, Natch, La –SPOM