Cane River Bank Stabilization at St. Augustine Catholic Church

Photo by Cenla Helicopters

Photo: Cenla Helicopters

Parish President Rick Nowlin and Cane River Waterway Commission chairman Jim Rhodes announced April 24 that the CRWC will serve as the non-federal sponsor for the riverbank stabilization project being undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“This project is an example of local government agencies working together with the state and federal agencies to address a serious problem in our community,” said Nowlin. “The Parish of Natchitoches appreciates the support of all the project partners.”

This is a joint project between the Parish Government, CRWC and the Corps. The goal is to repair the riverbank erosion along Cane River Lake across Hwy. 484 from St. Augustine Catholic Church and to construct bank improvements to prevent future erosion in the area.

As lead agency for the project, the Corps will provide 65 percent of the funding and the CRWC will provide the remaining 35 percent. The Parish will provide administrative and technical assistance throughout the project. The St. Augustine Catholic Church and the LA Dept. of Transportation and Development (DOTD) will also assist in the project.

“The Cane River Waterway Commission and the Parish Government recognize the importance of preserving this section of riverbank,” said Rhodes. “Not only in maintaining a viable and important roadway, but preserving an important part of the great history of Natchitoches Parish, particularly the culture of the region. It is one way our commission can join these government entities to help the entire Parish.”

3 thoughts on “Cane River Bank Stabilization at St. Augustine Catholic Church

  1. Riverside…please don’t be selfish and narrow minded about this project to fix the river bank along La State Highway 484 that happens to front the St. Augustine Catholic Church property. I hope the sound of your comment does not imply an objection to having this situation repaired because of all the wrong reasons. The river bank that borders the St. Augustine Church is seriously eroding and nearing total collapse that would drastically affect State Highway 484 and the aesthetics of the area. The St. Augustine Catholic Church is now listed on the National Registry as a historic site in Natchitoches Parish, the State of Louisiana, as well nation wide. This area must be preserved for historic and heritage reasons. Because of its historical and cultural significance, St. Augustine Church is visited by hundreds of tourist from all over the U.S.

    The rest of the river (whatever that is) will get the appropriate attention as deemed necessary. If you are truly interested with your concern, I suggest you contact the Cane River Waterway President and share your concern with him and the Board.

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