Natchitoches Coalition on Homelessness

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The Natchitoches Coalition on Homelessness participated in the Grand Reopening of the Ross F. Williams Sr Park on Dean street sponsored by the City of Natchitoches on Saturday , April 22nd.

Pictured from left to right are City Councilman Don Mims, Coalition members -Nancy Drawhorn-Jones, Elton Wade, Helen Obioha, and Mayor Lee Posey.
Below: Certificate of Appreciation presented by Johnny Barnes President of the Bailey Heights Concerned Citizens to the Natchitoches Coalition on Homelessness for their participation in the Reopening of the Ross F Williams Sr Park. Pictured are from left to right- Elton Wade,Johnny Barnes, Helen Obioha, and Theresa Patterson.

One thought on “Natchitoches Coalition on Homelessness

  1. How does a park help the homeless. Are they allowed to sleep there? Sorry but I just don’t get it. The city is tooting its horn about spending money on a park, which is a good thing for the children and families of the area. But just how does this tie into homelessness? Seems like two separate issues to me. Bad idea or poor reporting? By the way, I’m ok with upgrading our park systems, it’s long over due. I’m also for helping those that are homeless. But a patk? I sure hope money that was intended for the homeless wasn’t spent on a park upgrade instead of what it was devoted too. I can’t tell from the story, it must be my simple mind.

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