Girl Scouts Troop 630 hosts crafting booth at Melrose A&C Festival 

By Meredith Ellett

Fifth grade members of the Natchitoches Girl Scouts Troop 630 hosted a community crafting booth at the Melrose Arts and Crafts Fair April 22.  They taught visitors how to make toys for their pets and made some to gift to local animal shelters.

Through their service work and community experiences the girls realized that pet toys are expensive, and that the Natchitoches Humane Society and other shelters cannot always afford toys for their pets. Further, when  families face a tough economy, often toys are the last thing they can afford to provide to care for their pet. The girls felt that they could provide information to others on affordable ways to entertain pets, thus encouraging the community to interact with their pets more and help local shelters have the supplies they need to do the same.

They hope other groups will see how they can help the work of these local shelters. They challenge other groups such as  scouts, 4-H, church, and service clubs to contact a shelter to see when they need new toys and continue to fill pets’ need for good playtime activities.

Troop Leader, Stephanie Ellett said, “This project completes the requirements to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, which is the highest earned award for our 4th & 5th grade Junior girls.” The Bronze award introduces the steps and expectations they will need to complete to earn their Gold Award in High School. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle rank.