Get a glimpse into the life of a law enforcement officer


Bulletproof the Blue is so much more than just a fundraiser. It’s an experience that the Natchitoches Rotary Club hopes will create an opportunity for better communication between Law Enforcement and the Natchitoches community. It’s no secret the gap there is real. The community must understand and learn to trust law enforcement and support them as they make difficult decisions.

Through the event Bulletproof the Blue: A Law Enforcement Experience Like No Other, Rotary hopes doors will be opened for these conversations that need to happen. For example…you just shot the “bad guy” in this scenario. Why did you do it? All of the scenario’s that will be run through at the event provide examples from controversial experiences with law enforcement that you may have seen in the news.

Many folks in the community say that if they were the police they wouldn’t have done this or that. So let’s open up that communication! Now is your chance to come experience that stress and adrenaline! Would you do anything different? Lets lay our differences aside and open up the lines of communication between our community and law enforcement. That is the ONLY way for a stronger, better, and safer Natchitoches!!

The event is scheduled for TODAY, April 29 from 8 am – 1 pm at Dark Woods Haunted Attraction.