Sign up for a Master Gardener Class

By Marné Deranger


Do you think 10 people will read this? Ten people who want to learn more about Louisiana-specific gardening in a relaxed environment? Ten people who want to become Master Gardeners?

Are you one of those 10 people?

According to LSU AgCenter’s website, “the Louisiana Master Gardener Program is a volunteer development program offered by the LSU AgCenter. Master Gardener volunteers are highly trained and provide proven, research-based educational programs to Louisiana residents.” Becoming a Master Gardener begins at the Master Gardener class.

The LSU Ag Center plans to start a Master Gardener class in Natchitoches on June 5…if 10 people sign up. The 10-week course will be held on Mondays from 4-7pm at the Farm Bureau and costs $150 per student. For that fee, each student receives a stack of valuable reference material covering everything from soil to trees, bugs to berries, landscaping to disease diagnosis. Presenters are experts from across the state, and they don’t just teach. They become part of your network of advisors.

The only catch? We must have 10 people signed up (not just “interested,” but actually signed up) by May 15 to start the class on June 5. Are you one of the 10? If so, swing by your friendly Parish Extension office at 624 Second Street, sign up for the course, and take the first step to becoming a Master Gardener.

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