Shootout On Cane River

A fictional story by Junior Johnson


The Deputy began returning fire across Cane River, but was purposely shooting over the heads of Captain John Winston and his band of thugs. He didn’t want to accidentally hit Pete, who the cowards were holding captive.

As the Deputy was providing them cover, Harvis and Dempsey began tending to Reverend Cryer, who was losing a lot of blood from a gunshot wound to his chest. Even though his arm was broken from his fall off the horse, Aiden was doing his part to help.

Meanwhile, at the Johnson and Lodrigue compounds upriver, Abslom and his son John Wesley began to saddle their horses when they heard the gunfire. Levy and several of the workers were doing the same and Noah was told to saddle his horse as well.

Tony, John Levy, the Deputy, and Dylan were nearing their homes when they heard the gunshots as well. They hurriedly made it up the riverbank and galloped to the Johnson and Lodrigue compounds.

Levy saw his boys headed their way and told Abslom that they would all go in force once they arrived.

As the gunshots continued from across the river, Captain John Winston was frantically trying to figure out a plan of escape. They were still several miles from Monett’s Ferry and their canoes would not be an option.

Winston told one of his men to go up their side of the riverbank and see what was up there. Being the coward that he was, Winston wasn’t going to move while he had Pete restrained in front of him.

When he reached the top of the riverbank, one of the thugs who wore the tattered Union Army uniform saw a large field of sugar cane and knew exactly where they were. Luck was again on their side as he saw the approach of four riders on horseback. He recognized one of the men and was immediately relaxed. This man was a friend of his who worked on the big plantation spreading almost from Cloutierville to Monett’s Ferry.

When the riders came to a stop, he quickly fabricated a story that the Johnson’s and Lodrigue’s were trying to harm him and his companions for some unknown reason, and that they needed horses to escape to safety at Monett’s Ferry. It was quickly agreed that their horses could be used for the escape.

While arrangements were being made for Winston and his crew to escape, Abslom and Levy had arrived at the location where Harvis and Dempsey were trying to give aid to Reverend Cryer.

Abslom could tell Reverend Cryer was fading quickly and told Dylan to hurry as fast as he could to Cloutierville and return with the Doctor.

Levy told Tony and John Levy to quickly build a stretcher from limbs along the riverbank to pull Reverend Cryer behind one of their horses back home. Putting him on a horse would be fatal.

Abslom and John Wesley and the other Deputy began firing across the river as well to provide cover for his and Levy’s boys. They were all careful so Pete wouldn’t be in more danger than he already was.

Aiden told Dylan that he was able to ride and would accompany him back to the Johnson home and remain there while he continued on his way to Cloutierville. Abslom told Noah to accompany them as well.

It didn’t take long for Tony and John Levy to build a makeshift litter for Reverend Cryer and bind it to one of their horses. Reverend Cryer was unconscious and barely breathing as they carefully placed him on the litter and slowly made their way up the riverbank.

As Captain John Winston’s thug excitedly told him about the horses awaiting them at the top of the riverbank, they slowly began to retreat, firing an occasional shot across the river.

While the other five men made their way up the riverbank from the grove of willow trees, the cowardly Captain John secured Pete in front of him as he slowly retreated from the water that he’d been standing in behind a tree.

When he was about to leave the waters edge, Winston felt a sharp pain on his thigh. Thinking that he had been hit by a stray bullet he cursed his luck; however, when he looked down to where the pain was coming from, he discovered that the pain was not from a gun shot after all. What he saw was a huge water moccasin wrapped around his leg with its fangs embedded in his thigh.