Sprezzatura: Art and Fashion at NSU’s Orville Hanchey Gallery

By Kevin Shannahan

EathanStellyExh2017 (2)

Kevin’s Gallery

Over 100 people attended “Sprezzatura”, a Senior Exhibition put on by NSU student Ethan Stelly on April 24. The show was an interesting fusion of art and fashion as 10 models displayed a wide variety of looks, all made from scratch by Stelly. The show’s models were fellow NSU students who were joined by Ms. Jan Frederick and NSU CAPA Director Dr. Handel. In addition to being a superb designer, Ethan Stelly is also interested in a variety of other arts. The exhibition featured 18 art pieces, ranging from paintings to fiber art and mixed media. The models took their turns in his creations accompanied by live cello music.

After completing his studies at NSU, Ethan will go on to working in theater in Ohio where he will also pursue a graduate degree in Fashion Design. The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.