Proposed Subdivision Draws Titillating Conversation; Adult Entertainment Peters Out

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The City of Natchitoches Planning and Zoning Commission held its regular meeting Tuesday, May 2 at 5:30 p.m. at the Natchitoches Arts Center.

The Commission moved the last Agenda item to the beginning of its meeting:
Application by Chicken Express for a variance at the following location: South ½ of Lot 7, Lot 8 & East 39.4 Feet Of Lot 9 Of East Broadmoor Subdivision, Unit #2 to develop the Chicken Express fast food restaurant (115 South Dr.) Variance requested: Variance of seven (7) of the required forty (40) off-street parking spaces.

The Commission unanimously voted in favor of granting the Application.

A large crowd was on hand to oppose an Application by Braddox Johnson to subdivide 17 Acres in Section 50 and 56, Township 9 North-Range 7 West, North By Stephens, East By Bertrand Jones, South By Continuation of Park Street to develop a multi-phase single-family residential subdivision (St. Clair Estates & B & H subdivisions).
The Application was put on the Agenda under Old Business even though the Commission voted to deny Mr. Johnson’s Application at its previous meeting. Randal Smoak with Cothren, Graff, Smoak Engineering, Inc. addressed the Commission and presented an alternative plan with larger lots and the removal of a retention pond. Numerous residents from the St. Clair Subdivision, Culbertson Lane and other areas of East Natchitoches voiced their opposition to the development due to the drainage issues that the area already suffers from. Another major concern of the residents was the further deterioration of roads from construction vehicles and increased traffic.

The Commission unanimously voted in favor of granting the Application.
The majority of the public left the meeting following the vote on the subdivision matter.
After a brief break, the Commission heard its third and final Agenda item.



Application by Ron Bolton to rezone the following: Tracts “A” containing 1.89 Acres and “B” containing 1.36 Acres In Section 87, Township 9 North-Range 9 West As Shown On Plat In Conveyance Book 330, Page 490 And Lot Containing 1.37 Acres West of Tract “A:” And Lot Containing 0.81 Acre Below Tracts “A” And “B” All Shown On Plat In Conveyance Book 493, Page 760 from B-3 Commercial to additional zoning of B-SOB Sexually Oriented Business to engage in adult entertainment (Ron’s Place – 7096 Hwy. 1 Bypass).

A letter of opposition from Dr. James, whose veterinarian clinic is located near the property, was read into the record. Mr. Sam Nelken, another nearby property owner, questioned whether or not the change in zoning would be permanent in the event it was granted.

After referring to the City’s Planning and Zoning Ordinances, the Commission voiced concerns that the change would be permanent and voted unanimously against granting the Application.

3 thoughts on “Proposed Subdivision Draws Titillating Conversation; Adult Entertainment Peters Out

  1. so the council is voting yes on more fast food but no on adult entertainment.LOL
    atleast you have priorities.

  2. everyone is so closed minded around here.If you don’t like a business,then
    don’t go to it.

  3. I am so glad they voted down Bolton’s sexually oriented business. Who wants this by their business or home? Surely he could come up with another business not so controversial.

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