NSU Police investigate vehicle burglaries

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The Northwestern State University Police Department is working some vehicle burglaries which occurred on the night/day of May 2. These burglaries occurred in the University Columns Parking Lots and involved damage to vehicles by breaking door glass and removing items from the vehicle.

The perpetrator seemed to target vehicles that had purses, wallets or cash money that were in plain view in the passenger compartment.
The Police Dept. and staff of Housing want to send out an alert so that all residents can be advised that this is an issue that needs to be addressed with the assistance of our residents on campus.

1. Park in well lighted areas.
2. When you park your vehicle, always be cautions as to what you leave in the passenger compartment. Remove purses, check books and money from view.
3. Be alert as to who is around the area that just doesn’t belong. IE :Someone that is not a student, someone looking in cars, an individual walking around and pulling on car doors.
4. Always lock your vehicle when you exit.
5. Be aware of your surroundings and people that are around you.
6. Report it. If you see something, hear something or have concerns of any kind, Report to the proper authorities immediately.

Your assistance and awareness is greatly appreciated by everyone within the University Community. It takes all of us working together and sharing information to make our institution a safe environment for all of us to live and work in.

As always the University Police are here to aid and assist you. If we can be of any assistance at all, please feel to contact us immediately at 357-5431. Or if an emergency, call 911 immediately.