Ponderings with Doug – May 5, 2017

DougFUMCThe other day I was in the metroplex of Gibsland, Louisiana. My bride and I are doing renovations to the Baptist parsonage in Gibsland. When we finish the renovations I will tell you the whole story. For now you may speculate as to why the Methodist preacher is renovating the Baptist parsonage in Gibsland. I am telling everyone that we are converting the Baptist parsonage! We arrived about 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon to begin our work. It is not breaking the Sabbath if you work “inside” the house. I spent the afternoon doing my best electrician imitation. Nothing shocking happened!

From the moment we arrived we heard a dog yelping. It sounded like someone left a puppy outside the house and the puppy was begging to get in the house. It was a loud, forlorn yelp. If you are not a dog lover this yelp would get under your skin very quickly. To us it sounded sad and like a dog in need of humans. We both looked for the dog but couldn’t find it. The afternoon progressed and so did the yelping.

After a couple of hours of this, I decided to find the dog. The yelping was more than a puppy wanting in the house. This was a dog in distress. I walked a couple of houses over to an abandoned house on the street. The front yard featured an abandoned car. The front porch was decorated with stuff from the house that had been discarded. There was an impressive stack of beer cans along the front porch. I came to the backyard, if you could call it that. I found the puppy.

The puppy was in a garbage can.

I don’t know how the puppy got into the garbage can, but there he was. He was standing on his back legs and could almost get his nose over the top of the can. I slowly tilted the trash can on its side and let the puppy go free. I saw the pup later in the afternoon reclining in the field next door to my house-flip in the Gibsland metroplex. The puppy was not in the mood to be handled on Sunday, but I’m going to find him and make sure he’s cared for. I think I will purchase a bag of puppy food, just in case!

A yelping puppy can drive you crazy. A yelping puppy might need help too.

I wonder if the sounds we hear from humanity, sounds that drive us “nuts” could be cries and pleas for help. The next time someone is really getting under your skin with the words they are speaking or the actions they are taking, take a moment to ask yourself,

“Is this a plea for help?”

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