UPDATE: The grass isn’t always greener


Mayor Lee Posey gave an update on the dead grass situation to the City Council May 8. While the City has run a program to stunt the growth of grass at the airport for the past 3 years, it became quite the tragedy when grass sprayed in 5-6 targeted areas in the city limits of Natchitoches died, leaving unsightly brown areas behind.

The spraying was originally used because the City was told it would have a positive long-term affect by decreasing the amount of times workers would be required to mow certain areas, like the median and right-of-ways along University Parkway, close to I-49 and areas of City Park. The chemical is designed to stunt growth, kill weeds and promote healthier future growth of the grass.

However, the overall process didn’t work as residents began to question why there were huge sections of dead grass along the roadways. The City met with the owners of the company that sprayed the chemicals, who admitted they’d mixed the chemicals too hard. According to Mayor Lee Posey, the City is asking for a reimbursement and for the company to re-seed the dead areas.

Article on the NPJ from April 15, 2017


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: The grass isn’t always greener

  1. If workers said “they mixed the chemicals too hard”, they shouldn’t be involved in mixing chemicals. Read the directions, MSDS sheets, proportion recommendations, etc. Mistakes can made in mixing the chemicals disproportionately, too strong, too diluted, mixed improperly, but mixed too hard!?!

  2. This article talk about the roadways. The same stuff must have been sprayed at Ben Johnson Park also! A park should be all about greenery! What about the children playing in stuff that kills grass like that!?

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