Meet the Author: A Boy from Cane River

Meet Harvis Junior Johnson, a newly published author whose book “Tales of a Boy from Cane River” shares stories of his childhood and life experiences growing up in Natchitoches Parish. Junior will visit with friends and fans at his book signing event Saturday, May 20 from 2-6 pm at the Point Place Marina, 1209 Patrick Road.

Known affectionately as “Junior” all his life, he continues to be the person his father Harvis Sr. and his mother Rita wanted him to be. Writing about his life growing up on Cane River and events that occurred throughout his life and offshore career, “Tales Of A Boy From Cane River” is the result of those stories, and a dream come true for him.

“My stories are dear to me as they detail memorable events in my life beginning when I was four years old,” said Junior. “But some may remind you of events in your life.”

Born and raised in the beautiful little Village of Cloutierville near Natchitoches, Junior was the first person in his family to ever attend college. He graduated from Northwestern State University.

Junior spent 32 years as a Production Supervisor in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, until a helicopter crash three years ago ended his career and left him disabled.

Through recovery Junior realized that facing challenges in life doesn’t limit your dreams, if you want to pursue them.

In his spare time, Junior began writing stories of his childhood as he was growing up on beautiful Cane River in a loving sharecroppers home. Those who read these stories were very supportive and encouraged him to continue, and thus, “Tales of a Boy from Cane River” was born.

His book is available exclusively at Georgia’s Gift Shop on Front Street, and online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. Anyone wanting a signed copy can order one online at CLICK HERE

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