NPD Jailbook April 10th – 16th


Christopher Robinson B M 39 1011 Allen St., Natchitoches Interference with Officer

Dennis Quinn B M 21 1661 West Court, Natchitoches Unauthorized Use of Access Card as Theft

Keith Hampton B M 20 200 Settles Ridge, Hiram, GA Criminal Mischief; Remaining on Premises

Tremane Johnson B M 19 202 Miranda Lp., Natchitoches Two cts Simple Assault; Stalking

Tyreunne Johnson B F 18 202 Miranda Lp., Natchitoches Simple Assault; Stalking

Leonard Solitaire B M 33 440 Fairgrounds Rd., #44, Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Reckless Operation; Expired Registration)

Tramaine Phillips B M 17 515 Fairgrounds Rd., #50, Natchitoches DWI (underage)

Genesha Franklin B F 18 127 Amanda Dr, Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Expired Registration; No Proof of Insurance)

Reginald Sarpy B M 22 1662 Bermuda Rd., Natchez, LA Failure to Appear (Driving Under Suspension; No Seat Belt)

Jaleel Tousant B M 20 822 Jordan, Natchitoches Domestic Abuse Battery

Quinessia Smith B F 21 519 Rowena, Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Driving Under Suspension)

Shelbie Howard B F 24 428 Payne St., Natchitoches Theft by Shoplifting (Accessory)

Alvin Bolden B M 27 313 Primrose St., Natchitoches Theft of Goods; Possession Sch IV; Firearm in presence of CDS; Two counts CDS in presence of a juvenile

James Lee, III B M 22 1404 Amelia St., Natchitoches Simple Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Firearm with CDS; Possession of Legend Drug

Kevon Efferson B M 22 1416 Northern St., Natchitoches Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Legend Drug; Parole Violation

Thomas Robinson W M 21 730 University Pkwy, Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Theft)

Braylan Bayone B M 18 105 Klaire Circle, #2, Natchitoches First Degree Murder (attempted)

Michael Raymond B M 20 1815 South Dr., Lot 1356, Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Obedience to Police Officer)

Scotty Carter B M 11417 Stan Ave., #3, Baton Rouge, LA Failure to Appear

Rogelio Campos W M 64 1533 Salter St., Natchitoches Disturbing the Peace

Devin Hamilton B M 23 819 July St., Natchitoches Possession Sch V; Possession Sch I (Marijuana); Window Tint; Expired Registration

Derrick Rainey B M 22 251 Cherry Lp., Natchitoches Possession Sch V; 2 Headlights Required; Suspended Drivers’ License

Stacey Thomas B F 33 436 Howell St., Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Hit and Run)

Tamekia Robinson B F 33 1815 South Dr., #1342, Natchitoches Simple Battery

Douglas Dewayne Colbert B M 18 617 Amulet St., Natchitoches Failure to Appear (No Drivers’ License, two cts)

Charles Kirtley, IV B M 35 302 Scarborough, Natchitoches DWI (1st); Driving Under Suspension; Speeding

Mia Taranto W F 18 179 Carmane Rd., Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Unlicensed Driver; Hit and Run)

Broderick Law B M 36 1225 Grace Ave., Natchitoches Failure to Appear (Remaining
Vincent Hickman B M 34 515 Fairgrounds Rd., #38, Natchitoches Possession Sch I (Marijuana)

Jermichael Braxton B M 29 108 Ellen St., Natchitoches Remaining after Forbidden

Tarentino Charles B M 20 1410 Berry Ave., Natchitoches Disturbing the Peace by Fighting
Tristen Paige B M 18 1479 Bermuda Rd., Natchitoches Disturbing the Peace by Fighting

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