Dolet Hills Lignite Company Dragline crossed I-49

RRPJ-dragline Crossing-17May12A


By John Brewer


SWEPCO’s Dolet Hills Lignite Company (DHLC) at Mansfield moved a dragline from the Dolet Hills Mine west of I-49 to the Oxbow Mine on east side of I-49. In the planning for two years, the entire move takes 40-45 days. The dragline is a BE 1570 walking dragline, powered by electricity. They weigh eight million pounds. The bucket is 88 cubic yards, and the boom is 325 feet in length. The draglines can move about 17 million cubic yards of overburden annually. Mammoet (mah-moot) is the moving contractor, a veteran of almost a dozen dragline moves of this magnitude.

The dragline crossed south of Exit #162 (Highway 177 Pleasant Hill/377). Dirt and wooden pallets were placed across I-49 to facilitate the move, and then removed. Interstate traffic was redirected to Highway 1 during the crossing.

Mission Accomplished!

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