2017 Lakeview High School Football Scrimmage

By Kevin Shannahan

Kevin’s Gallery

Jonesboro-Hodge and Homer High Schools faced off against the Lakeview Gators as Lakeview hosted a Spring Football Scrimmage Friday, May 12. The three schools’ offensive and defensive units squared off against each other for a set number of plays before switching out. This rapid pace gave each team a offensive and defensive workout against an actual opponent as well as providing non stop football action for the Gator fans in the stands.

Lakeview’s Head Football Coach Byron Keller is returning for his second year at the helm of the 38 strong Lakeview Gators. His no nonsense style and insistence on fundamentals, self-discipline and academics is already paying dividends for this young team on the rise.

The Lakeview Gators will open their season at NSU’s Turpin Stadium agaist the St. Mary’s Tigers on September 4.