Ponderings with Doug – May 19, 2017

DougFUMCWhat are you fretting about today?

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are purchasing the Baptist parsonage in the thriving metroplex of Gibsland, Louisiana. I have enjoyed your speculation as to why we are making the purchase. At sixteen dollars a square foot, I was not turning down the house! You can quit fretting about the preacher, his wife and their second house.

The house is our camp. There is a ditch out front in which I can float my rubber ducky. There are bushes in the backyard in which I can locate my deer stand (treehouse). The place is so rural, that I was forced to purchase satellite internet and TV. We are roughing it for sure. I have played with power tools and created a certain level of sawdust. I am enjoying playing contractor. When everything is done, I can go to the Gibsland camp on my day off and take care of the yard and the house. My bride has a place to stay during the work week. I re-read this paragraph and noted, I have two yards and houses to keep clean. I’m fretting over how this connects to last week’s article on Sabbath-keeping.

We have not closed on the house. Although I’m demolishing things like the house is all signed, sealed and delivered.

Everyone has agreed to everything. We are ready to write the check. There is one fly in the ointment. The attorney rejected the property description for the house. According to the property description, not only are we buying the house we are also purchasing the Baptist church across the street. The property description for the parsonage included the land next door to the house and the land on which the church is located. I hear you laughing but this is not funny; yet.

I had a professor in college who bought an abandoned Baptist church and turned it into his camp. So there is precedence for this. I don’t believe that the Baptists in Gibsland would be very happy with a Methodist minister owning their church property. I can think of all sorts of fun I could have if I owned the church. Some of my Pentecostal brethren own their church property. They seem to have a good time owning their buildings. The way my luck is the church I bought would have a leaky roof, a water leak that no one can seem to find, termites and bats in the belfry. Church ownership is not in my future.

We will solve this property description dilemma. I will assure you and the members of First Baptist in Gibsland that I am not interested in a takeover. If I did take over, Sunday nights would not count against you. Does anyone have Sunday night church? What about Wednesday night Bible Study? I’m wondering how many of the things of my childhood are still happening in the church of my baptism. What happened to Brush Arbor meetings and Revivals? How about All Day Singing and Dinner on the Grounds? Decoration Day?

No job is complete until the paperwork is done. In my case the paperwork will always have some flaw in it. A flaw in the property description messed up all sorts of other things necessary in a real estate transaction. I am only interested in the house, not the church. This situation will be funny years from now when I tell the story, but right now it is causing me to grind my teeth.

The key to joyous living is learning to laugh sooner rather than later.

The Psalmist told us thousands of years ago, “Fret not.”

Bobby McFerrin sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Our Savior Jesus said, “Do not worry.”