Be Gone, The Dreaded Backlash

By Gary A. McCollum

BacklashaOkay, maybe we won’t be able to send the dreaded backlash to the far recesses of our minds, like a distant memory. I do have a tip that will astound, amaze and stupefy you. (notice all the big words, this must be good)

How many times are you setting up a rod with different lure, casting into the wind or bumping the trolling motor while pitching and end up with a backlash, rats nest, birds nest etc. I know I have plenty of times. Then the wasted time, trying to pick the blamed thing out…the aggravation…Heck with it, just throw the rod down and get another until you have time to cut it out…right…
NO MORE!!!!!

I was fishing on Toledo Bend years ago and was shown the coolest trick for removing a black lash, quickly and efficiently with little time wasted and almost ZERO stress. I was setting up a new rod/reel with a jig and backlashed…I did some fussing and picked it out. I backlashed again on the next cast and was given this tip…. You are never too old to learn a new trick.

When the reel is backlashed, pull out your line as you normally would until your line stops. (is tangled and won’t come free) put your thumb on the spool, press down hard and reel in two or three revolutions of the handle. Press the spool release button (the one you use to cast with) and resume pulling out your back lash, it is amazing how well this works.

On this day, I (believe it or not) was almost hoping to backlash another time so I could try it again and verify the effectiveness of this tip. Through the years I have had many, many backlashes and have only had one or two that took a lot of time to remove.

Although some of the old salts out there may already have this tool in your tackle box. I hope it may help some others, because it saves a lot of time on the water and a lot of stress. This tip will actually put more fish in the live well because the bait will be in the water more.

Hope this helps y’all.

Be Safe and Tight Lines