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The Rapides Foundation’s Cenla Medication Access Program has tapped into the resources of a national company that offers lower prices on many vital prescription medications. Through its partnership with Health Plan Partners, CMAP offers CMAP Extra, a prescription drug benefit card that can be used by everyone, regardless of age, income or residency.

While the CMAP Extra card can be most helpful to people without health insurance or prescription benefits, it also provides savings for people with insurance who have exceeded their policy limits, have high deductibles or who need medications that aren’t covered by their current insurance policies.

Enrolling in the program is simple: visit, click on the “Register” tab and enter your name, address, phone number and email address. Then print out the CMAP Extra card. Next time you purchase prescriptions, show the card to your pharmacist. Your drug cost will be reduced automatically, and you pay only the reduced amount.

Most major pharmacies are in the network. Card members can find participating pharmacies and check drug prices online at the CMAP Extra website. The card covers both generic and brand prescriptions.

There are no registration or monthly program fees, and participants do not have to provide credit card information to participate. Since this program is not insurance, there are no pre-existing condition exclusions.

“This card is a great benefit for people who are caught in a situation where their medications are not covered, or they’re not eligible for our free prescription medication program,” said Wendy Roy, CMAP Program Director. “Not every prescription is covered, but if it is, we have seen some significant savings. We urge everyone to sign up for it.”

CMAP Extra is an additional service of CMAP, a Foundation-funded program that offers free or reduced-cost prescriptions to eligible clients. CMAP, which is offered statewide, is part of the Foundation’s Healthcare Access Initiative. The initiative recognizes that access to quality healthcare is important to reduce health disparities and improve health.

The CMAP Extra card program gives CMAP staff another resource to offer residents who are trying to reduce their medication costs. “A little help can go a long way. Everyone can and should be enrolled in CMAP Extra,” Roy said.

To sign up for the CMAP Extra Card, visit For more information about CMAP, go to