City Council meeting – Atmos increases safety by improving infrastructure 

City Council_Atmos052217
The City Council meeting was short Monday night, May 22, but the news from Atmos Energy was big. Atmos is upgrading its natural gas, from the ground up by replacing distribution main pipelines and service lines in West natchitoches around University Parkway, the Hwy. 1 Bypass.

Safety and reliability are important and the new pipeline allows Atmos to continue providing its customers with safe and reliable natural gas service. The project, which will install around 40,000 feet of pipe, will take approximately 6-8 months to complete.

Atmos is the largest natural gas supplier in Louisiana, with around 359,000 customers. In 2016 $88 million was spent laying 8,500 miles of pipe  in 280 communities.

When replacing pipes, it may be necessary to dig on or around a customer’s property. Workers will use directional boring to limit overall damage. If any yards need to be excavated, Atmos assures its customers that temporary repairs will be made to the yard, sidewalks and pavement until work is completed. Arrangements will then be made to restore the affected areas. Pipe replacement may also result in a brief interruption of gas service.

Letters were sent our and hangers were placed on customers’ doors to make the public aware of the upcoming project. Yard signs will be placed in the vicinity of work.

Agenda items included:

Appoint Charles Brossette as the Director of Utilities for Natchitoches
Execute a certificate of substantial completion to the contract between the City and Quality Court Industries LLC for the Natchitoches Tennis Complex Expansion-Phase 1
Execute a change order to the contract between the City and Progressive Construction for the Lafayette Street Rehabilitation

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