Natchitoches Junior High-Frankie Ray Jackson End of Year Ceremony

By Kevin Shannahan

Jr. High Grad_85062017

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One hundred sixty nine young men and women marked an important milestone in their young lives Tuesday, May 23 at NCHS as they officially ended their tenure at the Natchitoches Junior High and looked towards their next step at Natchitoches Central High School.

The End of Year Ceremony, the second to be held under the dynamic leadership of principal Edwin Mason, boasted a capacity crowd of over 1,300 friends and family as well as school board members Ralph Wilson and Thomas Melder. The young men wore white shirts and ties while the young ladies wore black dresses. The students carried themselves with class, dignity and a justifiable pride in their accomplishments.

The guest speaker was Dr. Ellen Smiley of Grambling State University who delivered a rousing speech encouraging the young scholars to believe in themselves and their abilities. It was a fitting send off for the new alumni before they continue their educations this fall at NCHS. The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes them all the best in high school. We look forward to seeing what the future holds in store for this superb group of young people.

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