Tax are flat, but Natchitoches is holding steady

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When the March Tax Report was published in the NPJ on March 29, Natchitoches Tax Commission Administrator Jerry McWherter said everything was flat and it wouldn’t be going away, however Natchitoches was holding its own.

The story remains the same for the May Tax Report, which shows the numbers for April tax collections.

“There’s only so much money in the Parish,” said McWherter. “The economy has been stagnant over the last several years.”

He attributes this to the lack of new growth or new businesses. Just look at the recent closures of Maurices and Rite-Aid and the closure of Rue 21 scheduled for June 8.

Hotel/motel collections are usually down from January-March, but things should start picking up soon with the tourist season right around the corner.

McWherter said Natchitoches has maintained these flat trends for years now, but overall the City is doing okay as compared to other cities.

NTC Tax Commission Report 042017

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  1. Taxes are flat because Natchitoches high tax rate is killing business. So our solution? Go up on taxes, of course.

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