Sewage leak closes Cane River Lake until further notice 


The Cane River Waterway Commission issued a public notice May 30 after it received notification of a sewer line break that will affect Cane River Lake.

Please don’t swim in the water

As a precaution swimming, water skiing, or any in-water activity is prohibited until further notice. The area is marked by two hazard buoys; one buoy is located at the beginning of the affective area downtown Natchitoches and the second buoy is located at the end of the affective area at Parkway Drive.

Person(s) that choose to get in the water in that area do so at their own risk.  For more information and updates contact Betty Fuller @ 318-617-3235.

The leak occurred when a 16-inch force main pipe running under Amulet Street cracked. Since there’s not enough elevation in the City for the sewer system to gravity flow, sewage is pushed through the force main pipe by pumps. This caused the sewage to bubble up into the street at the Amulet and Second Street intersection, where it flowed into storm drains which empty into Cane River.

City Utility Director Charles Brossette said the 2-3 foot crack in the pipe is unprecedented. It was roughly 3 hours before a crew could fix the problem. The City then contacted DEQ. Samples of the water in Cane River will be taken Wednesday morning, May 31, and will be sent to a lab for analysis.

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  1. Again maintenance or replacement of infrastructure never seems to be a priority. One question might be, if clean up ever became a reality, is where does the money come from? Clean up fund or “Slush” fund?

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