Crusading Natchitochian removes snake from Front Street

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Jack Brittain Jr. is proud of the efforts Natchitoches residents take to keep the beautiful downtown Historic District clean. Meeting up with his friend Doug Ireland for dinner Monday evening, June 5, it was brought to his attention that there was a dead snake on Front Street in front of Mama’s Oyster House.

When Doug had parked the large snake caught his eye. He thought it was a piece of a car at first, so he went to remove the potential hazard from the roadway.

When Doug told Jack, he jumped into action and with Doug’s steady camera hand and several amused onlookers, he removed the snake and disposed of it in a dumpster.

“I just thought I’d do my part to keep Front Street clean,” he said. “It’s just what somebody needed to do.”

Doug said the whole situation turned into one funny moment. “Britt just didn’t want anyone driving down Front Street to see something like that,” he said.

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