FUMC Service Spotlight: Associate Pastor Clair Carter

FUMC Serving Clair 2017

Have you ever thought about why the staff at First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches love serving the church? Or why there are so many volunteers and why they do it? Or even thought about why community members love serving the church?

First up is FUMC’s Associate Pastor Clair Carter. Clair is a Shreveport native that attended Candler School of Theology in Atlanta. She joined the FUMC staff in August 2016 and has accomplished so much with her ministries for the university and young adults. When FUMC was blessed with Clair we also got her amazing family – her husband Sean, Francis, and this past summer they were blessed with baby Maeve.

When asked “Why do you like serving this church” her answer was inspiring:

I love serving the church because I love the hope. People come to church hoping for something, hoping for a lot of things, really. People come wanting more and wanting to be part of more than just the usual. Even if it’s just for a few hours a week, it is really refreshing to see so many people turn their faces upward, looking for that good news. It’s an honor to share in pronouncing the great joy of Jesus Christ, and the hope of the church draws me in to this challenging work, begging us to ask — what are looking for? What are we hoping will happen? How will God change us into the light of the world?


2 thoughts on “FUMC Service Spotlight: Associate Pastor Clair Carter

  1. Claire is a blessing, she actually has a great prayer line, and one on one with students and folks, she is amazing. I Believe she could even preach.

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