Chapter 13: Joy On CoCo Bed

A fictional story by Junior Johnson

As the old Doctor began to saw into the leg of the evil Captain John Winston in his dingy old office at Monett’s Ferry, there was joy at the Johnson Plantation on CoCo Bed.

It had been hours since Doctor Scruggs had completed his surgery to remove the bullet from the chest of Reverend Cryer. Almost everyone who lived in the area had assembled to await the news of his condition.

Mrs. Martha Johnson and her dear neighbor Mrs. Lucille Lodrigue had prepared food for all who came to await news of Dr. Scruggs surgery.

As the sun was beginning to set over the cane fields of Abslom and Levy’s, Mrs. Rita Johnson rushed excitedly from the home with news that the Reverend had awakened and appeared to be feeling fine.

Cheers spread throughout the crowd that was present and everyone was trying to shake Doctor Scruggs hand or hug him.

Abslom and Levy encouraged everyone to be patient as they accompanied the good Doctor into the room that Reverend Cryer was in.

Doctor Scruggs found his patient to be alert and with more color beginning to fill his cheeks. He was comforted in knowing that his patient was going to recover nicely.

After comforting the Reverend, they all went back outside and announced to everyone that he was going to be fine. Abslom called everyone to silence and offered a prayer of thanksgiving to their Good Lord.

Among those present in the crowd of well wishers was Mr. and Mrs. Wallace and Flo VanSickle, along with their four children Kay, Clarke, Ginny, and Leslie.

Wallace and his family had been encouraged to move into the area a few years before by his old friend Alexis Cloutier, who was the founder of the nearby Village of Cloutierville.

The VanSickles had been school teachers in St. Louis but had grown tired of big city life and wanted to move their family to more peaceful surroundings.

Cloutierville already had a school teacher and building for the children in the Village, so Alexis encouraged Wallace to meet with the Johnson’s and Lodrigue’s about building a school on CoCo Bed. All agreed there were enough young children on the two Plantations to support another school, so a two room school house was constructed for the VanSickles to begin educating the children who lived there.

It had worked extremely well for the VanSickle’s and the families who lived in the CoCo Bed Community. Neither the Johnson’s or Lodrigue’s owned slaves and the children of both races attended school together. None of the families nor their children saw color as a barrier.

After everyone settled down from the good news about Reverend Cryer, another feast was being prepared by Martha, Lucille, and Flo.
Nothing was going to interfere with this celebration.

Meanwhile, back at Monett’s Ferry, the old Doctor had completed his task of amputating Captain Winston’s leg and was drowning himself in a bottle of whiskey.

There was a loud pounding on his door. When he opened it, standing before him were the two hoodlums of Captain Winston. Their pistols were drawn and he was told to mount a horse they had waiting for him.

He had saved Winston’s life so he was a bit confused at what he was being asked to do, but he complied.

As they left Monett’s Ferry in the darkness, it would be the last time the old Doctor would see it.

Captain John Winston was not a man of his word, and when his men returned later that night, Monett’s Ferry no longer had a Doctor.

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