Chapter 15: A Plan Of Action

By Junior Johnson


After Pete had retrieved one of the canoes, Harold LaCaze and his friend Andrew Hernandez began their trek slowly down Cane River pulling the other two. Harold had a brother, Pershing, who operated a small trading post at Monett’s Ferry, and the plan was to meet and inquire about the missing owners.

Pershing was well known and it would not be suspicious since Harold was his brother. They could possibly gain information as to where Captain John Winston and his two thugs were located.

Then Pete arrived back at the Johnson home he and his brother Noah did their chores and helped Aiden and Dylan care for Reverend Cryer, who was recovering nicely from the surgery performed by Doctor Scruggs.

At the Lodrigue home plans were being made for a way to capture John Winston once he was located.

During the War of Northern Aggression John Wesley, Tony, and John Levy had been captured by Union Forces at the Battle of Henderson’s Hill, and were held as Prisoners until the War ended. All three had served in the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry under Col. William Vincent.

Tony and John Levy thought it might be a good idea to contact their friends David and Donald Roque who served with the Isle Brevelle Rangers that were attached to the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry. They escaped safely from the scrimmage at Henderson’s Hill, and now farmed on their family’s property in Isle Brevelle, located upriver between Cloutierville and Natchitoches.

The Rangers were a fierce regiment and saw a lot of action during the Red River Campaign of the War.

Tony and John Levy thought the Roque brothers could be easily convinced to get some of their Ranger friends who still lived in the area together to help capture Winston.

Levy Lodrigue and the Deputies thought this was a good idea. Abslom Johnson suggested the Lodrigue boys make a trip to Isle Brevelle for a visit with the Roque’s.

During a period when Captain John Winston was sleeping from the effects of the chloroform administered to him, his two hoodlums, along with the leader of Robber’s Roost, had constructed a litter to pull Winston up the bluff overlooking Cane River, and make him comfortable as possible until it was safe for him to travel.

While plans were being made to move the evil John Winston, Harold and Andrew had arrived at Pershing LaCaze’s Trading Post near the Ferry.

While the canoes were being secured, Harold began telling his brother about finding them unattended up river. He did not want to divulge the real reason they were there to avoid putting Pershing and his family in danger. He and Andrew had already developed a plan to get the information their journey took them on.

As Harold and Pershing were exchanging pleasantries, two riders on horseback came to a thundering stop by the Trading Post. They were leading another horse with no rider, but draped across the saddle in a blanket, there appeared to be a body.

As the two riders hurriedly dismounted, they rushed to where Pershing LaCaze and his brother Harold were standing.

They informed Pershing that the body on the third horse was that of their old friend, the Doctor. What was going on at Monett’s Ferry?

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