Lions Club holds Awards Banquet

Lions Banquet 170542

8-L District  Governor installed the new officers

The Natchitoches Lions Club held its Awards and Installation Banquet June 19. Life Membership Certificates were presented to Sophie and Hyland Packard with special pins, engraved identification cards and commemorative coins. Joshua Pierson was recognized as New Lion of the Year and Wayne Ragan was recognized as Lion of the Year.

Officers installed for 2017-18 included President Dr. Cheryl Stoker, First Vice President John Godfrey, Second VP Crystal Stewart, Third VP Brenda Stamey, Immediate Past President Tina Ragan, Secretary Kelli Sampson, Treasurer Brandon McKee, 1-Year Board Members Heather Fredieu and Peggy Gilbert, 2-Year Board Members Chad Hancock and Carol Green, Lion Tamer Mildred McTyre, Tail Twister Josh Pierson and Membership Chair Laura Teddlie.

Outgoing Club President Tina Ragan presented Service Pins to the following Lions who served in one or more projects for 2016-17: Sonny Evans, June Durr, Lisso Simmons, John McTyre, John Godfrey, Bernie Harris, Peggy Gilbert, Sarah White, Mary Hooper, Eric Gilmore, Laura Teddlie, Corey Poole, Susan Hilton and Vallery Washington. Gene Spillman and Sunny and James Arceneaux received tumblers in recognition of their work as flag captains and top sellers during fundraisers.

Lions Club International is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Ragan presented Centennial commemorative pins to board members with high service hours and fundraiser sales. This included Second Vice President Cindy Chester, Treasurer Jack Fletcher, First Year Board Member Brenda Stamey, First Year Board Member and Flag Captain Brad Ferguson, Second Year Board Member and Cub Sight Chairman Heather Fredieu and Lion Tamer Mildred McTyre.

Perfect Attendance pins were presented to Tina Ragan, Don Brown, Dr. Cheryl Stoker, Mimi Stoker, Kelli Sampson, John McTyre, Brandon McKee, Cindy Chester, Wayne Ragan, Sonny Evans, Josh Pierson, Jack Fletcher, Lisso Simmons, Chad Hancock, Sophie Packard, Hyland Packard, Brad Ferguson, Carol Green, Michele Waskom and Grady Ebert.

Several Lions received a Centennial Commemorative pins and key chains featuring the 2016-17 President’s Appreciation Medal. Receiving these “We’d Be Lost Without You” tokens were Chad Hancock, Brandon McKee and Don Brown.

Other Lions received Dream, Hope, Trust and Love Key Chains, including Mimi Stoker, Carol Green, Cheryl Stoker, Michele Waskom and Kelli Sampson.