Today’s Letter is “A”

By Ida B. Torn/Opinion

I’ve been binge watching “The Newsroom” this past week. The show is about a fictional news show but the events that they cover were real. I’m fascinated by the show for two reasons. First, it demonstrates just how difficult it is to convey what is going on in the world without interjecting one’s own biases. Second, it’s a great reminder of the events that have transpired within the last decade and how much those events did or did not change the trajectory of America’s future.

One of the story lines for the show was of the longest lasting protest in America’s history, which started in September, 2011. Without getting out your device and Googling it, can you remember the name of the organization behind the protest? If you can name the organization, would it surprise you to know that the group is still in existence?

Protests are generally sparked by a great sense of ANGER. Anger can be a great motivator but it can also be dangerous. Too often, anger is not properly channeled and it morphs into APATHY. Our local news has been filled with events that have a direct impact on our daily lives that we should all be greatly concerned about yet there is no clear plan for changing the trajectory of our Parish.

The Louisiana Economic Development announced this past Friday that Geismar, LA is getting a $10 million packaging facility. In its initial phase, the facility will create 28 new jobs with an average annual salary of more than $58,000 plus benefits. It’s anticipated that the facility will generate an additional 47 indirect jobs.

The press release really angered me. Get out a map and look for Geismar and you will know why. Why didn’t Natchitoches Parish get this facility? Could it be that our School District is on the verge of financial ruin and there is the very real possibility that we’re going to see schools close in the next year or two? Maybe it’s because the Parish struggles month after month to come to a satisfactory resolution over the performance and employment of one person. Or maybe it’s because the digital image that emanates from our Parish is one of anger and apathy.

All around us, communities and parishes are benefitting from economic development. It seems to me that they all have one thing going for them that we don’t – ACTIVISM. We can choose to get together and actively campaign for the future of our Parish or we can let our anger get beaten down to apathy and we’ll one day be just like that group of protestors that everyone remembers but can’t call by name – still in existence but completely irrelevant.

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Letter is “A”

  1. What’s happening in Natchitoches reminds me of what happens unfortunately in some churches. Too many of the people like things just the way they are. They have lived a long time in this little town as it is, and it’s comfortable to them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the historic look and feel of Natchitoches, but there is plenty of land sitting empty, serving no useful purpose. No cattle, no crops, no timber. Maybe it’s time for our high cost city and parish leaders to really get out and work for their salaries. They seem to get something in their head that this is the way things should be, and it matters not that it’s only them and ten of their friends who agree. Natchitoches needs more sources of income for the people who live here. Not all are from wealthy old families and don’t have to worry. So please, city & parish officials, think to the future. Are you afraid that you will fail in what you try for. Well, you will never succeed unless you try. I failed to mentioned the School Board. Please don’t be closing anymore schools. Communities need them. Children don’t need to be waiting on busses before daylight & getting home late. Y’all are killing community life and family life by closing a school. Maybe some thought should be given to cutting salaries of the powers that be, after all, what’s more important, our children, our future or some highly paid people being able to live the high life.

  2. Today’s Journal is interesting and points those of us who are concerned about the state of things in our parish and community to seek venues in which to work for more prosperous results from business, schools, and civic participation. I know it’s time I got re-engaged, how about other retirees who have stepped back being actively involved?
    Walt Moore

  3. I’m not quite sure why the Natchitoches Parish Journal publishes a letter from Ida B. Torn, obviously a fake name. Why doesn’t IBT just use his or her real name? Is she. A member of the newspaper’s staff?

  4. Do you recall, “The Green Agora: Business Incubator, Food Hub, Made Local Marketplace?” No? Well, even after a front page article in the Natchitoches Times, absolutely no support! Well Acadiana Commissary Kitchen just opened in Lafayette. I am currently using Louisiana Tech’s slaughter facility but a USDA certified facility will be coming soon… Anywhere BUT Natchitoches Parish because the council has voted the proposal down every single time. All of this so they can get $57 dollars annually instead of the $0 they get now. We suffer for lack of vision and leadership! The have’s will keep accumulating wealth, the poor will get poorer, then the have’s will move on as their children and grandchildren already have and one day this beautiful community will stagnate and die.

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