Flat tax trend holds steady

Tax Comission 2

The Natchitoches Tax Commission Report for June, which shows the numbers for May tax collections, are still flat. According to Administrator Jerry McWherter, this is because there have been no big increases or decreases in revenue spending.

“People are buying exactly what they have to have,” he said. There’s no extra money, particularly with businesses like Rite Aid, Maurices, Rue 21 and Choates closing recently.

“When major things like these shut down, that’s revenue you don’t get anymore,” he said.

The City ended the year a little above what they did last year. The school board year ends June 30 and the Parish Council is still in its calendar year.

Auto sales for April tanked with no explanation. A look at 2015 shows an unexplainable spike in the opposite direction.

The overall flat trend through the last few months worth of reports hints at the fact that people aren’t spending their money on leisure items such as TVs and eating out. This may be because they are still unsure where the economy in the Parish is going.

Tax Commission Report- June 20-2017

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