Ponderings with Doug – June 23, 2017

DougFUMCI hung up the phone with Robert. Robert is coming for my truck. He is going to load it on his trailer and haul it off. Whether or not I see the truck again is a matter of speculation at this point. I have not missed a payment in case you are wondering.

The truck has issues.

The first issue is the nut loose behind the wheel. Jesus is working on that nut daily!

The second issue involves the cruise control or the transmission, who knows because both are controlled by computer chips. The nice truck will not shift into over-drive on the Interstate. My truck acts up at I-49 speed specifically. I say that because the people north of us on I-20 and south of us on I-10 do not have the luxury of the enlightened interstate speed limit of seventy-five. Those two east-west interstates are confined to the pedestrian speed of seventy. I am conditioned to drive a bit above the posted speed limit on Interstates. My truck will not shift into the next gear at that speed. I am burning through gas like a blue 1969 Chevelle SS with a 396 and a Holly four barrel with a double pumper. Early in the truck’s history there was a service bulletin on the shifting problems. The fix didn’t work.

I took the truck in for service three weeks ago and the dealership rotated the tires. They must have left out a step because at I-49 speed the truck bounced around like one of those vibrating beds one would find in hotels in the late 60’s. Don’t know about those? How about Mexican jumping beans? One night I was driving back from the camp and a fitness miracle occurred. The truck bounced so badly that my Fitbit recorded 2500 steps while I was driving.

I digress, have you noticed people who seem to get up at 10 minutes before the hour and walk around aimlessly? When you see them, check their wrist. If they are wearing a Fitbit, it has buzzed them to “get their steps” for the hour. In my life, I must pull off the side of the road so my bride can “get her steps.” In so many ways, our lives are controlled by that which we wear on our wrist.

Now where was I? Ah, the truck. It doesn’t shift and it bounces. The other day we piled in the truck to drive to New Orleans for our cruise. I needed the truck because the mom and daughter traveling with us didn’t pack for a cruise; they emptied their closets. The only way to haul the luggage was to use the truck. We piled in. I started the truck. The air conditioning made a terrible sound and growled to a halt.

The trip to New Orleans would have been intolerable in a bouncy truck that won’t shift without air conditioning. We took another vehicle to New Orleans and I made a note to ask future friends about their packing habits before I volunteer to drive them to the cruise terminal.

In the first post-vacation act, I called the dealership and laid out my tale of truck woe.

So, Robert just called and said, “I’m coming to get your truck.”

I am grateful to Robert. I don’t know him, but I know he is coming to take my truck problem away. I am in vehicle prayer that most of these issues will be resolved satisfactorily.

Who helps you solve your problems?

You know how I want you to answer, don’t you?