Family’s calling leads them from Natchitoches to Arkansas

Fountian of Life Family to Ark 2017

“The chair is still there.” If you were at Fountain of Life Sunday evening, June 25, you know what that means. Matthew Pagels, Youth Pastor at Fountain of Life United Pentecostal Church in Natchitoches, shared excited news of his family’s new beginnings. He and his wife and their children officially announced that their lives in Natchitoches are transitioning to Hope, Ark.

“With a heavy heart, I am resigning my position at Blanchard St. Denis Funeral Home,” said Matthew. “Our calling is now bringing us to New Life United Pentecostal Church in Hope, where we were unanimously voted in June 25 as lead pastors. If I have any obligations to you in Natchitoches, whether it be a wedding or a funeral, I will fulfill that obligation. We are 2.5 hours away, so its not too far to drive. We are excited at this new chapter in our lives, and can’t wait to see what God has in store. It’s hard to say goodbye to a lifetime of friendships, but thankfully, we don’t have to. If you need us, we will be in touch. I ask for your prayers, and trust God will bless the work we have done here to make it continue and grow!! God bless you all!”

10 thoughts on “Family’s calling leads them from Natchitoches to Arkansas

  1. Matt and Leah, I will surely miss you. You are going to be a tremendous asset to your new community. It has been a pleasure having you a part of my life. God Bless you both!! Natchitoches will not be the same…

  2. I do not know you personally however, you did handle my dads funeral service at Blanchard and did an amazing job. You were so patient and nice to our family during that difficult time. Then that Christmas you addressed my family again in the Christmas service there at Blanchard for those of us still mourning for our loved ones. Actually you had lost a loved one that season too but still stood at the alter and reminded us that we would see them again that promise had been made to us we just had to believe. I then realized your passion for people and for our savior was very true. I know that you and your family will take this church and it will grow and flourish with only Gods love and people. God has used you here however your work here is done he now needs your family there. We wish you and your family only the best.

  3. Matt, which is what I called you as you helped me bury my son on that hot July day in 2016, I just need to say thank you. David Hilburn died of cancer in Houston, but knew he wanted to come home with me to be buried, so you helped our nephew find a plot for three, so that my husband and I could be buried beside him. We handled a lot of arrangements by phone, and all went well. His body arrived the night before, and the services were held on a Wednesday morning at 10am. It was so hot, perspiration was dripping from every brow. But after the Rev. Ron Thompson finished the service, I handed you my phone because I wanted the people there to here David’s go-to song when the pain was really bad or when he felt really bad. The song is “It is Well With My Soul” and you held it high in the air so that people could hear it, as it really didn’t play that loud on my phone. As we stood and listened, a very cool breeze came through that group, and everyone felt it. I felt it was a sign from God that he had my son, and all was well. David was healed and in God’s presence. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. So as I approach the first anniversary of my son’s death, I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in helping us with everything, and in helping in the ordering of the headstone. It is one of the most beautiful ones in the cemetery, and, as you said that day as we chose the words for it, his message will be passed on to anyone who passes his earthly grave. You were a pleasure to work with and you made the job of burying my son easier to deal with. Your Christian understanding was awesome. Thank you, Elizabeth Persons

  4. Matt, words cannot express what you and Sister Leah’s friendship has meant to our family over the years but I know God is sending y’all there for a reason. Your family will be in our prayers. As promised, I will continue to send you text messages and articles which mean nothing to let you know you are missed but never forgotten. Can’t wait to visit y’all and see the great work you will be doing. God bless!

  5. May the Lord richly bless you, Leah, and the children. Although you will be missed here for your compassion for those that lost love ones, it’s time to spread your wings and go where the Lord is leading you.

  6. You will be missed ! The Niette family will like to thank you for all your kindness and help that you gave us . Prayers for a safe transition .

  7. Will be praying during this time of transition. It was just 1 year ago that this was the reverse for our family, as we moved to Natchitoches from Hot Springs, AR, to begin a new church plant, Awaken Church.

  8. I’m so proud of this family and excited about their new journey in the calling God has placed on their lives. But I’m so sad to be losing them from our church. God bless them as they follow the leading of God in their lives.

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