FUMC Service Spotlight: Nancy Peace

Nancy Peace FUMC 2017

First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches is excited Nancy Peace is back on the church staff. Nancy was the youth director at FUMC from 1984-1988. Her youth lovingly named her Mama Peace. Whenever you talk to her and she starts talking, 90 percent of the time the person she is talking about was in her youth group. She clearly has had a huge impact on many youth in the Natchitoches community and in the church. So clearly she’s going to be a huge asset to FUMC.

Nancy is a graduate of LSU in recreational therapy. While working at the Fort Polk hospital she met her husband Phillip. The lived in many cities and have two children Brad and Mandy. Nancy worked as a recreational therapist, teachers aide for the hearing impaired, and most recently retired from her family’s carpet business.

When asked why she likes to serve the church Nancy said, “This church has nurtured and blessed my family and provided a wonderful place to grow in our faith. We experienced love and support in good times and in times of loss. I feel part of every brick and feel every brick is part of me. Being able to serve this church is an honor. It feels like home.”

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