Chapter 17: Closing In On Captain John Winston

A fictional story by Junior Johnson

As the sun was going down on Cane River Captain John Winston’s two thugs were faced with a decision that could determine their lives.  They had enough of Winston’s gold to flee the area and possible safety, but the greed in them knew they might get more if they played their cards right.

When they left Robber’s Roost earlier that afternoon with a list of supplies to bring back everything seemed to be going well.  Upon seeing the crowd at the LaCaze Trading Post and hearing talk of the murdered Doctor and empty canoes that were brought in, things had changed.

They knowing if they returned with no supplies suspicion would be aroused by the outlaw leader, especially when he learned the news of the murdered Doctor.

It was decided that one of Winston’s cronies would return to the cave to steal more of Winston’s gold.  The other would scout the area and make arrangements for their getaway later that night.  He had no intention of spending any of the money on supplies.  He would wait at Antee’s Bar for his companion to return with the rest of Captain John’s gold.

Tony and John Levy’s journey to Isle Brevelle with Aiden, Dylan, and Pete had been a successful one.  After the boys told of Captain John Winston’s murderous deeds in Mississippi and Pete’s story of being kidnapped, David and Donald Roque were infuriated.  They immediately sent word to the other eight Rangers who worked the Roque Farms.

Within the hour everyone was assembled with supplies and weapons and they all returned to the Levy Plantation on CoCo Bed.  They arrived as the sun was setting on the cane fields.

Deputy Moran from Cloutierville hadn’t wasted any time either.  He had gathered 10 of his most trusted and talented men and they made camp on the riverbank between the Johnson and Lodrigue Plantation Houses.

Abslom Johnson and his son John Wesley, along with Dempsey and Harvis prepared a campsite between his and Levy’s homes, while Levy Lodrigue and the two Mississippi Deputies selected 10 volunteers from the Johnson and Lodrigue workforce to assist in the capture of Captain John Winston.

Lucille Lodrigue, along with her daughters had just finished preparing a big meal when Deputy Moran arrived with his men.

Wallace and Florine Van Sickle, along with their two oldest daughters Kay and Ginny were taking care of Reverend Cryer.  His condition had improved dramatically throughout the previous night and day, which allowed Doctor Scruggs a return trip to Cloutierville an assist his other patients.

Abslom gave his Grandson Noah the responsibility of gathering enough grain to feed the mens horses as they began to arrive.

Harold LaCaze and Andrew Hernandez asked Pershing if they could remain overnight at his Trading Post because darkness had arrived at Monett’s Ferry.  Pershing LaCaze was more than happy to accommodate.  Harold said that they would ride over to Antee’s Bar for a few drinks and hopefully get some information about the canoe owners, and the location that Captain John may be hiding.  This information they did not relate to Pershing.

After helping get the old Doctor’s body prepared for the Undertaker’s arrival, Harold and Andrew made their way to Antee’s Bar.

About the same time that one of Winston’s thugs was entering Antee’s Bar, the other thug had a big surprise waiting for him as he entered the big cave called Robber’s Roost.

Almost immediately after he entered the cave, two of the outlaw occupants jumped out behind him, and the leader of the outlaws appeared before him with a double barreled shotgun pointed directly at his head.