Bulletproofed for the summer


The summer heat is coming, and what do you depend on? Your Air Conditioner! You want to make sure you don’t have any breakdowns this summer and save money on your power bill! According to national statistics your air conditioner is responsible for 65% of your electric bill! How do you keep your house cool and comfortable?

Josh Axsom, manager with AxsomAir said “This time of year it is really important to have your entire AC unit checked out by a knowledgeable professional. It is much better to find any issue with your system before it breaks down and leaves you hot and miserable trying to get service during the busiest time of the year.”

AxsomAir offers “the $59 Bulletproof Special!” which comes with a NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE! That means our SuperTechs will thoroughly inspect your system to determine if it is in good working order before the hotter weather gets here following a 31 point checklist. If you follow our recommendations for your AC, we guarantee it will perform without trouble through the summer…or we will give you your $59 back.

Josh Axsom also advised “a simple cleaning and tune up of your AC can reduce electrical usage by 35%! We also recommend you change your air filters once a month to keep a clean less restricted air flow through your system.”

Your friends at AxsomAir are ready to help and get you “Bulletproofed” for the summer heat! Call 352-7777 to schedule your inspection and remember the NO BREAKDOWN GUARANTEE!

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