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From logo design and branding to social media management, we’ve got you covered. Need content, ads or graphics? We can handle it all while providing a modern approach to marketing. It starts with you.

Jesse D. Poole formed Boost Circuit because he saw a need in the Natchitoches community to utilize current technology trends to enhance businesses’ digital presence.

“When you look around you, from the physical outlets to social media accounts, there’s a lack of consistency in business branding,” he said. “A business with no online presence is missing out on the chance to connect with the public, particularly consumers in need of the products and services the business has to offer.”

Boost Circuit starts with the most important components of your business’ image: designing logos, graphics and ads. Consulting, marketing and social media management are services that take your brand and use it to maximize your reach in the digital world, connecting you with clients and boosting your success.

“We’re leading the effort to help local businesses and our clients be the best they can be,” said Poole. “Being a business owner, I can relate to other entrepreneurs. It’s not just a title, it’s a lifestyle.”

Boost Circuit is a constantly evolving outlet with a creative skillset that can help businesses achieve their potential. They keep up with all the innovative business tools necessary to survive in a technologically driven society. Local business owners are often busy enough as it is without stressing over the latest trends on Instagram and Twitter. Let Boost Circuit pave the way to a more socially integrated business with a more extensive consumer engagement. Be the best you can be. Give your business a boost.

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